Wedding Menu 2018





Choose two:


Whitefish roe, onion and sour cream

Baltic herring, herring and roach mousse

Shrimps skagen

Salt cured salmon with mustard dressing

Warm smoked salmon with tartar sauce

Smoked whitefish with dill mayonnaise


Choose two:


Herb chicken with rocket and parmesan dressing

Roast beef with horseradish sauce

Smoked turkey breast with red pepper mayonnaise

Beef pastrami with wasabi aioli

Casino’s meat balls and yogurt aioli

Country style salad with smoked bacon, eggs and beans


Choose two:


Caesar salad naturel

Melon, feta cheese and gem lettuce

Tomato, mozzarella ja rocket pesto

Marinated manchego cheese, grapes, lettuce and roasted nuts

Waldorf salad

Marinated glass noodles, vegetables, cashew nuts and coriander



Starter buffet also includes green salad, boiled potatoes and assortment of bread with butter



Price of the menu is determined by the main course:


Roasted arctic salmon with crayfish sauce

49,50 €


Grilled corn fed chicken with bearnaise sauce



Fillet of beef with duck liver sauce



Peppered steak of reindeer with black currant sauce




Wedding cake and coffee or tea is included in the price of the menu



Night snacks


Assortment of cheeses with serrano ham and Murtola’s hemp snacks



Selection of Casino’s sausages with potato salad



Hot dog, roasted onion, pickles, ketchup and mustard



Eromanga’s meat pie with roasted onion ketchup and mustard