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Traditional Christmas Buffet at Kulosaaren Casino

Restaurant Kulosaaren Casino is known for its breathtaking sea views, fine food and unique ambiance. The Christmas buffet is a feast of festive favourites with a strong emphasis on seafood – from traditional gravlax to smoked roach fish from Lake Pielinen. No Finnish Christmas meal is complete without a ham, served with rich and sweet root vegetable casseroles.

Christmas buffet

Table settings
Mon-Sat 11.30-15.00 & 16.30-19.30 & 20.30-23.00
Sun 11.30-14.30 & 16.00-19.00
Exceptions: Fri 9.12 11.30-15.00, Thu 22.12 11.30-15.00

49,00 € per person

Children aged 1 to 12 years: EUR 2.00 per year of age

Whitefish roe with smetana and chives
Herring with apple and ginger 
Baltic herring with lingonberries and juniper berries
Smoked roach fish from Lake Pielinen
North Sea prawn toast Skagen
Gravlax with dill and mustard dressing
Warm-smoked salmon with horseradish sauce
Smoked turkey with Rhode Island dressing
Duck liver and fig pâté with apple chutney
Honey-roasted beetroot with blue cheese
Cumin-spiced pumpkin with sunflower seeds
Apple and celeriac salad with walnuts
Carrot and black salsify terrine
Green salad with sprouts
Potatoes with butter and dill
Christmas bread, traditional malted bread and butter

Christmas ham with home-made mustard and peas
Artisan seitan
Swede and potato casserole
Carrot casserole
Christmas sausages with sauerkraut
Beetroot salad with whipped cream dressing
Wild mushroom salad à la Casino
Lye fish with bèchamel sauce
(table served on request)

Chocolate cake
Cranberry Christmas log à la Casino
Mulled wine cheesecake
Star anise yoghurt mousse with marinated mango
Christmas pastries and gingerbread cookies
Date cake
Italian marmalades
French cheese selection and compote

Cloakroom EUR 3.50

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