The Brando (Kulosaari) inhabitants of the early 20th century were a young and enthusiastic bunch eager to fill their lives with amusements and to present their beautiful, picturesque island to visitors. It was for this purpose that this classically beautiful seaside restaurant was built in 1915. Perhaps the most beautiful spot on the whole island, the islet rocks of its southernmost tip, was chosen as the location of the Casino building, designed by famed Finnish architect Armas Lindgren.

The first restaurant owner was the Swedish-born Mrs. Paterson-Falden. Legend has it she always had some strong liquors hidden underneath the counter for the visiting gentlemen - even during the prohibition era.

Over the years, Kulosaaren Casino has seen many changes under many different restaurant-keepers. In time, it has also grown into one of the most popular locations in Helsinki for banquets and festivities, especially during the summer season. Every year, Kulosaaren Casino is the setting of numerous crayfish parties, weddings, birthdays and corporate banquets.