Wedding buffet

Wedding buffet 2023


Starters buffet style. You can choose 2 fish starters, two meat starters and 2 vegetarian starters for buffet.
Buffet always includes cooked potatoes with melted butter, green salad and house bread.


Choose 2 of fish starters:

Lavaret roe-sour cream mousse with chives L/G
Salad with shrimps and black salsify M/G
Casino´s herring and Baltic Herring and smoked roach from Pielinen L/G
Sesame flavoured gravad lax (salmon) with wasabi mayonnaise L/G
Warm smoked salmon with dill-yoghurt dressing  L,G
Slightly spicy noodle salad with cilantro shrimps and lime flavoured salmon L,G


Choose 2 of meat starters:
Thyme seasoned chicken with spinach pesto L,G
Smoked breast of duck with kimchi flavoured vegetables M,G
Over cooked neck of lamb with marinated lingonberry M,G
Roast beef with caper mayonnaise M,G
Cocktail balls seasoned with smoker sweet pepper with
Harissa aioli L,G
Vitello tonnato L,G


Choose 2 of vegetarian starters:
Caesar salad naturel L,G,  croutons L
Mushroom pie with red onion jam L
Semi dried tomato  with truffle flavoured mozzarella  VL,G
Roasted pumpkin with Beluga lentils and spinach V, G
Chimichurri seasoned tofu with melon salad V,G
Taboulleh salad  V

Main course table served:

Fried cep patty with cashew hollandaise 
V 58,00€

Slowly cooked pork cheek with dark mustard sauce
L,G 58,00€

Roasted Arctic charr with hollandaise sauce
L,G 60,00€

Roasted fillet of beef, black and white sauce  
L,G 65,00€

Deer wallenber burger almond potatoe and lingonberry
L,G 58,00€        

Traditional wedding cake

Coffee and tea are included in menu price. We co-operate with  confectionery pH7. Cake variety (traditional and modern) via link

(Special cakes extra cost + 5,00€ / person)

4,20 / piece

Salmon & Ginger (L)
Duck liver & Fig (L)
Reindeer & Cranberry (L)
Goat cheddar & Apricot (L)
Pumpkin & Chili (V)

Night snacks:

Eromanga meat pie, roasted onion, pickled cucumber, ketchup and mustard L 9,50€

Hot Dog, roasted onion, pickled cucumber, ketchup and mustard  L 9,50€

Casino´s sausages with potato salad  L,G 9,50€

Quiche (ham or vegetarian), green salad with vinaigrette L 9,50€

(L=lactose free, V=vegan, G=glutenfree, M=milk free, no dairy)

Prices include VAT. We reserve the right to changes.