FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

At Kulosaaren Casino, we are always on hand to answer any queries relating to your special day, whether big or small.
We have put together some frequently asked questions about weddings, which you may find useful:

Alcohol licensing
Our main building Merisali, the Sun Marine summer restaurant and our grounds are covered by our alcohol license. This means that you will only able to consume alcoholic drinks purchased at Kulosaaren Casino.

If required, we can provide facilities for any performers or photographers attending your wedding. We can also arrange for food and refreshments to be brought to them.

Cloakroom service
We can provide a cloakroom service in Merisali. The cloakroom will be attended by a member of staff at all times and a fee is payable for this service.

Tasting sessions
We organise a tasting session every April to allow couples who have booked their weddings with us to sample our food. We will contact your directly to confirm the date and other details for this event.

Wedding cake
Konditoria PH7 master bakers are our chosen wedding cake supplier. You can choose one cake from their standard wedding cake menu for your celebration as part of our wedding package. Konditoria PH7 has a cafe on Ateneuminkuja in central Helsinki. They serve a wide selection of cakes and other bakes daily, if you would like to sample their wares.

Additional time
The venue is available for your use free of charge until midnight. A fee of € 350 is payable for each additional hour or part thereof. Please note that last orders will be called half and hour before closing.

Decorations and flowers
The menu includes cutlery and crockery, glassware, white table linen and clear tealight holders placed on top of a round mirror in the centre of each table. You are responsible for arranging any additional decorations you may wish to have included in your event. Please keep our front of house staff updated with your plans.

Floral centrepieces are not included in the cost of your menu. If you wish, we can arrange floral displays for an additional fee. We also have small bowl vases available for your use free of charge. We can provide one vase per table.

Getting here
You have the option of travelling to Kulosaaren Casino by boat. We are able to accommodate both small and large vessels. We also have a limited number of moorings for private vessels. Please note that the actual water depth around the island is approx. 2 metres, but this can be less in places.

Children aged 4– 11 will be charged at 50% of the full menu price or Kids dish Meatballs and mash 18,00€/ child.

We can place an order for macarons on your behalf with Konditoria PH7.
The minimum order is 100 macarons, charged at € 250. Additional macarons will be charged at € 2,50 each.

BYOB and bringing your own food 
All food and drink consumed on the premises will be exclusively supplied by Kulosaaren Casino.
Unfortunately, you will not be able to serve your own food or drink.

The grounds adjacent to Merisali and the terrace are reserved for the exclusive use of guests at Merisali. The grounds adjacent to Sun Marine are reserved for the exclusive use of guests at Sun Marine.

Free 24-hr parking is available in the vicinity of Kulosaaren Casino.

Dining and special dietary requirements
Please place your order for food and drink with our maître d’ at least two weeks before your event. We also ask you to notify us of any special dietary requirements.

Minimum spend/venue hire
The minimum spend/venue hire for exclusive use of Merisali is € 8,000. No venue hire charge is payable. The minimum spend/venue hire for exclusive use of Sun Marine is € 5,000. No venue hire charge is payable.

PA system
The venues have two wireless microphones available.
You are also welcome to make use of our PA system, which is suitable for background music.

Late night snack
We will be delighted to provide a late night snack for your guests if your event ends up going on until the wee hours. The late night snack menus are listed under our Wedding menus.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, we would be delighted to hear from you. Let’s work together to make your dream wedding come true!